Scott and Gin,
I received my order of handcrafted spoons today and all I can say is WOW! They are magnificent. I bought them as a gift for a good friend and can't wait for her to see them. Keep up the great work.

God bless you,

Hello Gin,
I must tell you it brought tears to my eyes to see this beautiful spoon plus the free spreader. Thank you for your generosity. Your presentation and attention to detail is outstanding. I love "The Story of A Spoon Maker". I know this spoon will live a long and happy life here in Connecticut. A perfect Christmas present. Thanks a million!


Dear Scott and Gin-
Just received my order from your website and let me tell you, they are really, really great products. Handcrafted and made in the USA? What else could you want. I began using them immediately and they are really great. Just wanted to express my gratitude for some really great utensils.

New York

Scott & Ginny,
Once again, Thank You! for making such wonderful spoons. I use them all the time (even tonite). :)


Dearest Scott and Gin,
I received my spoons yesterday, but couldn't get to them til this mornin...OMG ( OH MY GOD !!! ) that is all I could say ...They are just BEAUTIFUL !!!! That doesn't even do the spoons justice. I have never seen such beautiful spoons.

I bought the spoons for me and my Sister , who lives in Illinois, but I will have to buy some more because these beauties are stayin here with me !!! Lol... Thank you for the spreader.. I had to make a sandwich, so I could use my new gift,,Lol...

I was making gumbo this mornin and I really needed a strong spoon to stir this big ol pot with... So I gave your large spoon the task...It passed with flying colors.. I think it even made my gumbo taste that much better ! LoL...

Well I just wanted to thank you both for my wonderful spoons, and to let you know that if anyone has any doubts about ordering your spoons, they shouldn't.. I'll never buy a spoon made in China or anywhere else again.

Thank you for sharing your God given talent with the rest of the world ! Thanks again from a very satisfied customer !!! I will be back for more !


Hi Folks,
Just got the utensils in the mail. Beautiful, well made and I am sure they will only get better with age. Thanks so much, they will be well loved. We will see how long i can hold out until i order some more. :)


I recently received two sets of wooden utensils I had purchased for gifts. They were so beautiful I hated to give them away, but I did. Thank you for the extra birch fork and spreader you included. I will be back soon to order more for gifts and myself. Your utensils are truly a work of art.


Dear Folks,
The spoons arrived yesterday. They are so beautiful! I think you gave me an extra birch spreader. Thank you! The cherry and birch look lovely together. Up in here in the north (an island 7 miles from the tip of Door County in Wisconsin, Lake Michigan), we live with birch and cherry trees. Your workmanship is superb. They are gorgeous.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the 2 birch wooden spoons I purchased from you a few months back. They are of such high quality, and so strong! After years of using much inferior quality spoons made in China and other overseas locations, it is so wonderful to be in possession of such quality spoons that are made in the USA to boot! I plan to order more for myself in the future, as well for housewarming and Holiday gifts. Keep up the excellent work and thank you again.


I am so happy with the wooden utensils that I ordered from you a few weeks ago. They are so beautiful! They arrived promptly. I am taking care of them as you suggest. I’m sure they will last as long as my grandmother’s spoons (80+ years!). Now I can retire her spoons to display only. Thank you so much for your work.


Hi Scott,
Just wanted to let you know I got the spoon today and what can I say........its beautiful and fits greats. Also got the spreader and thank you very much. Of course you know you have now ruined me so that a store bought spoon will never be in my kitchen again. Am sure I will be back to get more. Have a nice spring.


Scott & Gin,
We recently received our order of a walnut set and a few other items we deemed necessary for cooking with new non-stick cookware (made in U.S.A.). We chose your company and product because it was made in the greatest Nation in the world. Believe it or not we buy almost exclusively items made in the U.S.A., a very few foreign items and almost never from China. We were not disappointed with your product. It exceeds our expectation in quality, price, and durability. We have used these items daily, followed your care instructions and these items look like brand new. We have spread the word concerning your fine products to our friends and family. Thanks so much, may your business continue to be successful.

North Dakota

Dear Gin,
When the postman delivered my spoon, I felt like a little kid as I couldn't open my package fast enough. Wow! Number 146 is a beauty. It felt so good I rubbed it against my cheek. My son did the same thing with the spreader you sent. Thank you for that surprise! And thank you for making these beauties.
Your newest fan,

Wheaton, IL

Hello There,
I received the spoon set today, and the pieces are absolutely perfect.I purchased these as a gift but will be back soon to order some for myself.
Thanks so much,


Hello There,
The spoons you sent are perfect. My wife and mother loved them. I was going to wait until Christmas but could not, they were to perfect. My mother has been looking for one identical to her mothers, from Germany, that my mom brought from Germany after WWII. She was a teenager from Germany during the war. She is older now and was upset because hers was aging badly. When I gave this to her her eyes filled up from joy and could not believe there was such an identical spoon out there in this would. She even contacted her brothers and sisters, in Germany, in search of one and was unable. We are truly happy.
Thank You,


I got my spoon in the mail today. I really wasn't expecting to get it before the chili cook off this weekend, but I'm SOOOO glad I did! It's GORGEOUS!!!!! I absolutely LOVE it! And it's the perfect size for my chili pot. Thank you so much! You did a wonderful job!


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