12" Cherry Spatula

Check out this pretty Cherry spatula!

Handmade Wooden Spatula

12" Walnut Spatula

This Walnut spatula is ready to start his new job!

Handmade Wooden Spatula

12" Birch Spatula

This Birch spatula is ready to do some flippin'!

Handmade Wooden Spatula

12" Hickory Spatula

This Hickory spatula is going to live with Ken in Florida!

$16.00 SOLD
Handmade Wooden Spatula

13" Cherry Spatula

This Cherry spatula will be cooking with Lisa in Pennsylvania.

$18.00 SOLD
Handmade Wooden Spatula

13" Walnut Spatula

This Walnut beauty wants to help you cook.

Handmade Wooden Spatula

13" Birch Spatula

This pretty Birch spatula can't wait to get to work.

Handmade Wooden Spatula

13" Hickory Spatula

Are you looking for a tough Hickory spatula?

Handmade Wooden Spoons

14" Cherry Spatula

This pretty Cherry Spatula can't wait to join your family!

Handmade Wooden Spatula

14" Walnut Spatula

This pretty Walnut spatula is extra long.

Handmade Wooden Spatula

14" Birch Spatula

This pretty Birch spatula is looking forward to flippin' some pancakes!

Handmade Wooden Birch Spatula

14" Hickory Spatula

This tough Hickory spatula has found a new home with Rodney in Texas!

$20.00 SOLD
Handmade Wooden Spatula

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