7.5" Cherry Spoon

People seem to love these little guys.

Small Wooden Teaspoon

7.5" Walnut Spoon

A little guy made of Walnut.

Small Wooden Teaspoon

7.5" Birch Spoon

Here's another one of those tea spoon sized little guys everybody likes.

Small Wooden Teaspoon

10" Cherry Spoon

This pretty little Cherry spoon is moving to North Carolina to live with Lois.

$16.00 SOLD
Small Wooden Spoons

10" Walnut Spoon

This dark beauty is going to live with Megan in Hawaii.

$16.00 SOLD
Large Wooden Spoons

10" Birch Spoon

This Birch spoon is great to have in the kitchen!

Small Wooden Spoons

10" Hickory Spoon

Here's another tough little Hickory spoon.

Large Wooden Spoons

11" Cherry Spoon

Here's another pretty Cherry spoon that is great in the kitchen!

Small Cherry Wooden Spoons

11" Walnut Spoon

This pretty Walnut spoon is looking forward to going to his new home!

Small Walnut Wooden Spoons

11" Birch Spoon

This Birch spoon is quite a beauty!

Small Wooden Spoons

11" Hickory Spoon

Here's a Hickory spoon that is really pretty!

Small Hickory Wooden Spoons

11" Flat-End Cherry Spoon

Here's another pretty Cherry spoon that does double-duty!

Flat-End Cherry Spoon

11" Flat-End Walnut Spoon

Off to Indiana, too!

$18.00 SOLD
Handcrafted Wooden Cooking Utensils

11" Flat-End Birch Spoon

Check out this pretty Birch spoon that is great to have in the kitchen!

Handcrafted wooden cooking utensils


They are white textured boxes with lids. The Small one measures 10" X 2" X 1.5" which is big enough for one or two spoons up to 10 inches long.
The Medium one measures 11" X 1.5" X 1.25" which will hold up to three spoons (NO MORE THAN) 11" long . Just order the spoons and the Gift Boxes to have your spoons shipped in them..

Box Size

Small and Medium Gift Boxes  Small and Medium Gift Boxes

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