Q1: Do you really make your spoons by hand and are they actually one of a kind?
A: Yes, we do and yes everything is one of a kind. We don't use any duplicating machines like some outfits do so what you get is truly unique. All of the wooden cooking utensils that come from our shop are individually handmade from start to finish.

Q2: How do I keep my wooden cooking utensils looking good and not cracking?
A: To care for your wooden spoons, hand wash with soap and warm to hot water only. Never wash in a dishwasher! If after washing the first few times they have a fuzzy feel to them, don't be alarmed, this is natural. The grain will raise (what I call fuzzing) the first few times any wood is put into water. Some people refer to it as the curing process. Lightly buff them with a Scotchbrite Pad or fine sandpaper and then oil them with any edible oil, or to buy our Spoon Saver Oil click here. After buffing or sanding a few times they will stay smooth and only an occasional touch up may be necessary.

Q3: What kind of wood do you use to make your cooking utensils?
A: We make them from a variety of domestic hardwoods like cherry, walnut, birch, hickory, and maple. We've found that folks like these because of the different colors and grain patterns and we have to admit, we like variety too."
We like to use birch since it makes a beautiful and yet almost indestructible spoon. Birch is long fibered and retains moisture better than most other hardwoods so it can withstand a lot of abuse. If you get it extra hot in the skillet or forget and leave it in water over night it's very forgiving and usually won't crack or split.

Q4: What are some of the advantages to using wooden cooking utensils?
A: Wood is gentle to non-stick surfaces, pottery and plastic mixing bowls like Tupperware so it extends the life of your pots, pans and bowls.

Q5: Which wood makes the best spoons?
A: Thats a hard question to answer. Each have certain characteristics that make them unique. Cherry and Walnut develop a kind of satiny feel to them over the years. Maple and hickory are a little harder than the others. Birch will stand up to abuse better than most woods. The fact is they all make excellent spoons.

Q6: Is it true that germs don't like wood?
A: Yes, it is. Many tests have been conducted over the years with the same results. Germs and bacteria grow much faster on metal and plastic than on wooden kitchenware. In fact when utensils are checked after a day or two, the wood will have less germs and bacteria on them than just after they are washed. Not so with metal or plastic!

Q7: Do you take special orders?
A: Yes, we do. We get many requests for special orders and if we have the right wood we are happy to do it.

Q8: What exactly is W-S Enterprises of Troy, LLC?
A: We are W-S Enterprises of Troy, LLC.
W-S Enterprises of Troy, LLC is the umbrella company name of "Out of the Woods-Handcrafted Wooden Spoons". As a result, when you use your credit card to buy something from this website your statement will reflect a charge to
"W-S Enterprises of Troy, LLC"
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"Out of the Woods-Handcrafted Wooden Spoons".

Q9: What if I want to order more than one of your "one of a kind" items?
A: You may order more than one of any particular spoon or spatula or any other of our "one of a kind" pieces by putting the number you want to order in the "Quantity" box of the "Shopping Cart" page that comes up when you click on the "Add to Cart" button. The extra pieces you will get won't look exactly like the one you see on the web site but they will be pretty close. In most cases you probably won't see much difference. If we are unable to do this due to having run out of a certain color of wood or something we will contact you so we can work things out to your satisfaction.

Q10: Why do I need to "refresh" the pages and what exactly does that mean?
A: When you visit a page on the internet your computer will store parts or sometimes the whole page in your "temporary internet files". This is so when you want to look at that page again you don't have to download the whole page. It's designed to make things faster. This is fine for most sites since they seldom make any changes. BUT...we sell one of a kind utensils and have to make changes every day. If you don't click on the refresh button at the top of your browser on each page you've visited before (that's the one with the arrows going in a circle) you may be seeing products that are no longer available. We figure folks should be able to see what they are buying since there are already enough surprises in this world.

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