The Story Of A Spoon Maker

The li'l ol' Spoon maker
Bill Edwards

As a small child I spent a lot of my time exploring the 180 acre farm of my grandpa's in the Ozarks of south-central Missouri hunting squirrels and bullfrogs with my dad and uncle and swimming in one of the ponds. When we moved to a small town called Portage Des Sioux near St. Charles, Missouri I pretty much lived the life of Huck Finn roaming the river and woods with my rifle and boat or motorcycle. Life was good for a country boy in the fifties. I'm guessing this is why I have a strong love of the outdoors.

After serving 4 years in the Navy I went home and worked several factory jobs but couldn't handle the time clock and working indoors so I loaded all our stuff in a U-Haul and me and my wife & kids headed for the adventures of the great Northwest. I lived a free life of a lumberjack for 25 years. God and the woods have been very good to me. I've been able to live a life that most people can only dream of. Being able to support my home, raise 3 kids and still feel like a free man.

Twenty years ago when my wife needed some wooden cooking utensils the "Ozark Mountain" part of me must have kicked in 'cause I went to the shed with a piece of firewood and came out with a wooden spoon. She still uses the kitchen tools I made her way back then in her cooking to this day. I've been going into that shed with chunks of wood & coming out with wooden cooking utensils ever since. Got pretty good at it too. People liked what they saw and now I'm a " li'l ol' spoon maker".


Time for an update on the Li'l ol' Spoon maker

The li'l ol' Spoon makers
Gin & Scott Wayland-Smith

After many years of making only the finest of handcrafted kitchen utensils, Bill (or as we call him, Dad) has stepped back from the day to day routine and passed the torch. My husband, Scott, and I have spent the last couple years training and we are now honored to carry on the tradition of Out of the Woods Handcrafted Wooden Spoons.

Rest assured Dad is still involved in the business and he makes sure that our customers get only the best in product and service.

Scott & I look forward to carrying on the family tradition of staying in touch with our friends who add our utensils to their families and hope to make many more friends as time goes on.

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